Why Do Business with A Small Business Custom Printer?

Spending hard earned money or trusted company budget requires prudence to make the best and most sensible choice. Now more than ever, when funds are scarce, getting the best bang for your buck is essential. Understandably some people have reservations about doing business with small businesses. Some of their reservations are based on myths and unfounded half-truths. Some reservations are logical but not sufficient to the much larger available benefits of working with small businesses. As a small business offering professional custom printing, we at CoolMo feel its time we cleared the air of half-truths and mystery once and for all.

Personal feel and customer service quality

Customer service with a personal feel is unique to small businesses. Large businesses develop an impersonal feel due to red-tape policies and bureaucracies. Not every employee has the same amount of vested interest in the business, so the customer service levels fluctuates and feels impersonal.

Small business like CoolMo are operated by the very owners and founders who share the same dream. We are flexible with the rules because we have a say in what the rules are. We put out our best in every instance because whats on the line is not a corporate name but the very name of which we call our own. To us you’re not a numbered customer in a massive database but a friend, partner a cherished valued customer. We are eager to go above and beyond to accommodate because we expect nothing less in our own interactions.

Our success is your success

We are the many building blocks of society; we’re invested in your success because that’s literally what drives our company. Large businesses have many customers, so they’re not concerned with the loss of one or two. But to small business you’re the golden egg, your business and partnership is treasured.

The statistics prove that 73% of all new local jobs were created by small businesses. Small businesses employ over 84% of the local labor force. Meaning that your business with small businesses is nation building. It’s the income source for more than half of all labor force. Best believe at CoolMo we are motivated to see you succeed so we can feed our families, build our nation and keep local economies alive.

Specialized by size to give you the very best

As a small custom print business, CoolMo is specialized focusing only on what provides the very best results. Small Businesses don’t have the funds for idle risk, we run a lean well-oiled operation. Our fees are fair and not hyped by aesthetics or corporate mechanics as large business are. We won’t waver or gamble with your orders as its more costly to us and would be damaging to our image. So, you can rest easy and feel assured that you’ll get the very best from us at every purchased print and personable customer service. We greatly appreciate your every visit, purchase, and continued support.

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