Marketing Success Through Custom Print branding

Have you ever been in the store and eyed a product but when you saw the cost you though it wasn’t valuing the price it was selling for? Sure, you have, everyone has. How about this, have you ever received a gift and from the first look, you knew you didn’t want it? I’m not one to judge. Every marketer knows that before the product is used it must be chosen and approved by a buyer’s visual cues. Labelling, size, shape color shades, logo and feel are the visual cues first to be satisfied when we decide whether we like something enough to buy it or willing to accept it.

Quality Print

Psychologist advise that we use our eyes most of the time to first scrutinize whether something is desirable or not, even worth purchasing. The product itself maybe very good but it won’t get a chance unless it first passes the visual test. This is true for almost everything. Don’t laugh now, but one of the best tricks ever played on me was a pair of worn socks wrapped elegantly in a beautiful gift wrap box. I was told to choose among a set of gifts the one I wanted, and I skipped the other ones and yes, you’ve guessed it I picked the attractive box.

The point is, quality and decision to purchase, accept, love and treasure everything first begins via our eyes and mind. Custom prints need to be fitting and attractive to the eyes of viewers, purchases and those your giving the item to. It requires more than mere lines, size, coloring and labeling but it must also feel and look pleasing as quality worth owning. Getting the features right is just as important as the actual value product or thing.

Printed Right

As professionals specialized in custom printing, we at CoolMo, have experiential and inside knowledge to help you get the reaction your aiming for when marketing, branding, and advertising your product and services. We take into careful consideration, the size, feel, the color scheme, the ink durability, the base material, the usage of the product the alluring appeal of the design and the feelings it ignites in customers or those who you’re giving it to. We let loose on your behalf our creative eyes, so you get it printed right.

Value Prints

To the untrained eye and less experienced its easy to think that any ink, design or pattern will do for metal, glass, cloth, vinyl, chalk, wood, ceramics, plastic or synthetic materials. Without proper ink and design settings the outcome will not only be short lived but less than attractive.

That is why your custom orders from CoolMo option lists are preset to ensure you get value in what you paid for. Rest assured your designs are custom printed on metal, glass, plastic, wood, paper, ceramics, chalk, synthetic materials and various types of cloth are all done to pass the visual tests of true quality worth owning.

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