Look like who you are within with custom prints

The minute you stepped out your door, long before any spoken word, before any physical interaction, from as far as a mile away it started. You’re being scrutinized all the times by focused and passing eyes. The conclusion or image that forms in their minds about you and who you are will be their own, it rarely ever matters if its true or not. Though we wished this really wasn’t the case, you and I know it is true and at some level or point in time we do it too. The good news is that now we all have access and power to create the look, our personal brand and image we want to share.

From your Point of View

Humans everywhere have come to rely on their eyes and line of sight to inform what they believe and perceive to be real and true. Within mere seconds we scan a everything about a person including what they wear. The texture of cloth, the clothing color, what’s the branded logo, what does the wording say. What is in their hands, what style of cup, glass or bottle, what type of phone, the phone case and even key chain. It gets processed very quickly and formulated into a first impression or expression of how you’re felling and who you are.

What do you see?

Surely there many flaws in this process of reasoning but it does and still exists and first impressions are lasting impressions. While our minds can change for many what we first perceive from all but a casual glance will last in their minds for a very long time. It’s the reason why some persons are seen as friendly and easily accepted everywhere and some are seen awkward, estranged and rejected. A lot hangs on what we see when we look. Attractions, love, acceptance, rejection, feuds or friendships, disgust or delight, quality or mediocrity are first influenced by our sight.

I’d like to say that we shouldn’t care what others think when they look, but I know better, I will instead say that we should only pay attention to what really matters. Our sense of sight is set to protect us from what we fear and keep us from what we think is harmful. Our eyes are not at fault what we need is to change are or minds, beliefs and habits and pay attention to only what matters and simply what we think from one or two glimpses.

Re-take control

CoolMo custom prints allow you to express who you are and how you want to be seen and perceived. We provide services that give you the ability to stamp your mark of who you are on clothing, products and items you can be proud of. Show yourself and show the world what your statement is with a bold design. Feel free to not be boxed in by limiting first impressions but to set loose your expression on your clothes, bottles, cups, phone and tablet case, even key chain, tags. Be alive in your home and office with branded furnishings and upholstery. Follow this link to express what you think through custom prints, help the world grow into a better place.

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