Imprint sharable Memories

Since the day we are born we’ve been making new memories, some of which will still exist look after we have move on. The laughs, smiles, relationships, places we’ve been, things we’ve seen and how we felt are all priceless treasures. Some memories exist only as experiences, intangible yet real in our minds. Others are accompanied by keep sakes, memento, physical things that we hold or look at from time to time. Let us at CoolMo help you encapsulate those fond memories, feelings and experiences onto and within physical, sharable keepsakes.

A memory

Without a cloud in sight, the sky was the brightest shade of blue. He was most handsome, all neat and trim in his earnest black suit. Her eyes were wet with tears of joy, body hugged by lace white satin smooth dress, I don’t think she could possibly breathe but she emotionally sad I do. Each and every time I look at the picture printed on the weeding keepsake I have from my mother and fathers wedding day; I get romantically sept away back to that place in time. I get jolt of joy and my faith is love is renewed.

I share this intimately fond memory with you because we all have something tangible that represents a memory. Something that can transport or minds back to a particular place and space in time. Capture and share those memories with others through expertly printed representations of the day, place and persons that were there. Don’t let them fade away with regular printed photos, instead celebrate them as visual images printed on wood block, ceramics, glass, family reunion shirts and wedding renewal blouses. At CoolMo, we’ll show you how.

Memories are fleeting and though we can share photos electronically, they are but snapshots. Nothing speaks as loudly as an actual thing from the time when the memory was made. A specially printed coffee mug with your name and picture declaring you the best Mom or Dad in the world. This is wildly more memorable and impacting than a randomly selected cup at the store or a photo. With every sip from that mug new memories are created, and the original memory becomes even more golden.

A memento of good times

If we were to raid your closet and home, I am sure we would see mementos and things that have sentimental value. Things that encapsulated memories. It could be a trophy, a worn sock, a jersey with your name on it, a fishing rod, a special cup, a water bottle, a favorite shirt, shoe or bag, I’m certain it’s there. With CoolMo special printing features and custom printing abilities you can encapsulate memories for your family, friends, coworkers, batch mates, brethren and special someone.

A Gift that keeps on giving

Give them the gift that keeps them smiling, warms their hearts and refuels their energy. Give them a slice of time frozen in a moment, present in something they can hold, touch, hug and look at, to be transported to happier, fulfilling, and joyous days. You can do it now; we’ll show you how here at CoolMo.

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