Boldly imprint your Legacy

Be part of a noble art that’s been around for several centuries. From religious emblems, hieroglyphics, zodiac signs, to roman and Asian calligraphy, printing is a human historic legacy. We know our past only from the sign’s others have left for us and the future to see. It’s your time, your right to do the same. Come and symbolize who you are with a bold distinguishing mark that only your creative team at CoolMo can bring to life.

History of printing

We’ve been leaving our mark for thousands of years. Cave, pyramid walls, etched in trees, carved in stone, hammered in metal, we’ve stamped our seal and printed our legacy across history. Being human means to communicate our ideas, lessons learnt, hopes, reality and fantasies. We’ve progressed as a people because our pioneering forefathers and nation building mothers left us legacies, of cultured symbols like the coats of arms, national flag, family crest, religious signs of faith and the very letters that form our words.

History has literally been verbalized visually by printed signs from as early as 3500 BC. From stamping blocks, printing press, lithography to laser engravings this unique and essential art form progresses continually. You know that a sign is more than squiggly lines, borders, and ink. Its purpose, its meaning, feelings, it’s an identity molded for the world to see and feel. With symbols and signs, we are unified in harmony and distinguished amongst your peers as leaders.

CoolMo Services

Such an important and defining feature of who you are, what you share and how you’re seen should not be left to haphazard chance or just any ordinary imprinter. Stamp your mark with elegance, professionalism, and pure simple human understanding. We at CoolMo fully comprehend the impact and quality of well printed signs. Lets us help you symbolically clearly share your purpose, your dreams, your ideas, your meaning, and identity.


Create today a legacy printed in history. On stainless steel cans, water bottles, teacups and coffee mugs that’s are seen first every morning and accompany every run and rustic journey to the fitness center or cross country and even the fiercest business place. A custom look etched across your chest, sleeve or clothing of choice which unify your team or dignify your individuality. Design a comfy or awe-inspiring space with custom printed images on wooden blocks, blankets, cushions, flags, and upholstery. Yes, you can continue or start a legacy of family heirlooms, branded gears, and special tags sure to attract, please and leave a lasting history.

When your history is told, let it be said that today was the day that you grab hold of your rights, that you created a legacy symbolized by careful, quality crafted signs. Signs and words that share meaningful message, relatable feelings and an identity to which others identify. Together, you and our creative team will stamp your mark on history, boldly imprint your legacy. Only a few finger taps remain for you to create history.

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