Visual experience

For most of us we experience our world visually. Right now, you’re seeing symbols on this page called letters and you immediately understand what they mean. Similarly, you see road signs brand symbols and religious emblems every day. We instinctively know what they mean. The triangle and circle sign tells me it’s a female restroom while the arrow tells me where to go. The flashing green light on the dashboard tells me things too. It’s not that we are telepathic or that the signs actually have voices. We just associate certain meaning to them.

Speak your mind through visual aids

Your custom printed designs are also signs and symbols with meaning coming to life. Whether complex works of art or simple as an emoji thumbs up of a cup, they all convey some meaning and feeling. Custom prints are a way to share thoughts, ideas and feelings with others. You can lift someone up by giving them a cup with that says “I know you can, I believe in you”.

Show you care

You can create a new family custom with Christmas tree ornaments having printed names of everyone in your home or family. Then they can all share in the unifying feeling and symbolic meaning as they each put them on the tree. CoolMo custom prints can create this warm and loving season cheer by providing you the means to pint custom Christmas ornaments.

Reduce the tension between their eyes

Before the big business pitch or the long-awaited interview, when knees tremble, tensions rise, and reassuring comfort is needed. Show words of comfort to lift spirt or a silly joke to ease tension on your custom printed shirt or blouse. The ability to change the mood is as easy as that when you get custom prints from CoolMo.

Bring a smile to their faces

Smile each time you take out your purse or wallet from the happy reminder imprinted on it. See pictures of birthday celebrations, wedding days, special places, family portraits, even words of hope each time you reach for your wallet or purse. Be reminded that somethings are priceless.


Getting and staying in shape is constant hard work, it’s easy to give in to procrastination or evade the fitness center. Add words of motivation, boost commitment, and energy to keep going with special words printed on your water bottle and gym gear.

Covered in comfort

Before you tuck the little one to sleep wrap them in their magic blanket. Custom print just what they need to feel comfortable and safe as they are our little treasures. Soothe the mind and heart with custom design arts on a one of a kind blanket. Or accentuate your bed with a throw blanket instead.

Mark your territory

Have a favorite chair? Mark your sport with your own design and custom printed cushion. There can be no mistake who has dibs on the chair and whose special spot that is as your custom mark is already holding your seat.

Custom print with CoolMo

Custom printing allows you to create visual aids as your personal signs, meaning and feelings to share with others. Use custom printed products  to motivate, inspire, cheer up, comfort, provide a good laugh, build memories, and mark your territory with one of a kind custom prints.

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